Foxcatcher Endurance

Foxcatcher Endurance

“It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of the Foxcatcher Endurance Ride, April 4, 2020 held annually at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Management Area in Fair Hill. In compliance with the current Maryland State Of Emergency regulations as the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly we feel it is in the best interest of all competitors, officials & volunteers to cancel at this time. All competitor entry fees will be refunded in full. We wish good health & safety to everyone and expect to be back on the endurance calendar in the Spring of 2021.”

Holly MacDonald/Foxcatcher Ride Manager

Saturday April 4, 2020

10-mile Intro to Endurance Riding

25/50 Mile Endurance Ride

10/25/50 Mile Ride & Tie

AERC and ECTRA Sanctioned

2018 Foxcatcher images courtesy of Hoof Print Images



Fair Hill International has been hosting the Foxcatcher Endurance Ride since 2001, at the beautiful Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area in Elkton, Maryland.  We host a 25 mile and a 50 mile ride, plus a NEW 10 mile Intro ride.  We also host 10, 25, and 50 mile Ride and Tie events over the same course.  Expect to ride through tunnels, over bridges, on single track trail through the woods, and through wide-open fields.  Our rolling terrain is challenging, but forgiving enough to make Foxcatcher an excellent first ride of the season (or first ride of your endurance career).  Foxcatcher never lacks in grass on the trail, and the trail has plenty of water crossings.  All vet holds are in camp.  The 50 mile ride has a 10 minute “hold” out on the course, with water available.  

Our ride management team welcomes you to our primitive camping field – we have a heated tent for registration, snacks, ride briefing, and Friday night dinner.  There is no running water on site – we will have a large tanker truck of water for your use.  Bathrooms are porta-potties.  There is no wi-fi, but the cell signal is good throughout most of the park.  Please ask us any questions before and during the ride – we’re here to help you.  

PLEASE NOTE – The Fair Hill NRMA cannot guarantee the availability of stalls or camp pads at the Race Barns this year.  We do have an alternative stabling location listed in the Ride Entry, if camping in a field is not something your horse does.

Fair Hill NRMA is a multi-use park – you will be sharing the trails with hikers, mountain bikers, and other equestrians.  

We are looking forward to you joining us for Foxcatcher Endurance!


Secretary: Cheryl Banks;

Ride Manager: Holly MacDonald;

Officials: Head Vet, Nick Kohut, DVM


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“All Good things Come to an End”…. I have served as secretary of the Foxcatcher Endurance Ride for 17 years, and it now time for me to step back and retire. It has been a very difficult decision as I have really enjoyed being a part of a terrific team of organizers! I have met so many wonderful competitors, and I will miss being a part of the Foxcatcher Ride. Over the years, I gained a great respect for the endurance folks who rode and/or supported others for hours through rain, sleet, heat, wind, darkness and come in smiling after 25 to 50/100 miles! Thanks for teaching me the meaning of “To Finish is to Win!”
I’ll still be around Fair Hill NRMA on the carriage trails! ~Louisa Emerick