Foxcatcher RIDE DAY INFO

The following are important documents for RIDE DAY that we typically print and put in a rider packet for you.  WE WILL NOT BE PRINTING ANYTHING THIS YEAR.  If you want a paper copy, please print them at home.  Otherwise you can access them digitally on your smart phone during the ride.  Documents will also be available on the bulletin board in the tent at Base Camp.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE For The Weekend Or Click here for PDF version

2019 Foxcatcher Officials Listing

Ride Briefing Begins at 6:00 PM on Friday evening, in the tent

ALL HOLDS ARE AT BASE CAMP.  The 50 mile riders have a 10 minute “STOP” (here’s directions for your crew) in the middle of the first loop – water will be at the stop, and it is in the middle of a big field of lovely grass.  Crew is welcome at the stop, but not necessary.  Horses will be watched by a vet as they trot away from the stop area.

Pulse criteria for ALL HOLDS, ALL DISTANCES will be announced at the Ride Briefing


Foxcatcher Trail and Maps – maps WILL NOT be printed in ride packet

50 Mile Trail

1. Orange Loop 25 Miles (click for link)

2. Yellow Loop 12.5 Miles (click for link)

3. Pink Loop 12.5 Miles (click for link)

25  Mile Trail

1. Yellow Loop 12.5 Miles (click for link)

2. Pink Loop 12.5 Miles (click for link)


Use this chart as a ROUGH GUIDE for your crew, for timing.

Directions to Crewing Spots


50 Mile Ride will START at 7:00 am. At top of the camp near Gallaher Road entrance past Horse Ambulance – follow path through the woods. Orange plates on tree.


25 Mile Ride will START at 7:00 am. across Gallaher Road (go through the gate at the top of camp)


50 mile riders will have one 10 minute stop and two holds – Hold Time TBA @ Ride Briefing


25 mile riders will have one hold – Time TBA @ Ride Briefing


25 mile riders must cross the finish BEFORE 1:00 PM


50 mile riders must cross the finish line BEFORE 7:00 PM


BC judging for the 50 mile riders and 25 mile riders – please weigh in the tent at the finish if you are in the Top Ten.  You are responsible for being seen by the Head Vet within 20 minutes and being judged within one hour of finishing.


This is a multi use park so be prepared to meet and be courteous to other people out on trail – bikers, hikers and just out for fun horseback riders. Do not assume that a rider way off in the distance is going the same way you are supposed to go.  Follow your marked trail.


Results will be posted on the board in the tent – updated every 30 minutes and re-posted.

Awards – no official award ceremony.  Stop in at the tent and we’ll trade you – an AERC Evaluation and an ECTRA evaluation for a vet card and a completion award (plus any other special award you may receive). Rider cards & awards will not be mailed unless you fill out an envelope and leave payment with Louisa prior to leaving the camp.


PLEASE check the Foxcatcher website on Monday morning for posted results.  If you see anything wrong, please let Alissa know ASAP.  Results will be sent to the AERC office on Tuesday at the latest.  Here’s the link for results.