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The Fair Hill International Three-Day Event Past Results

The Fair Hill International Past CCI4*-L Winners

Year Horse Rider Owner
2019 Paddy the Caddy Erin Sylvester Erin Sylvester and Frank McEntee
2018 Frankie Thieriot Stutes Chatwin The Chatwin Group
2017 Foxwood High Selena O’Hanlon John and Judy Rumble
2016 RF Scandalous Marilyn Little P. & M. Manders, Raylyn Farms
2015 Mai Baum Tamra Smith Alexandra Ahearn
2014 Cambalda Jennie Brannigan Nina Gardner
2013 Inmidair Jan Byyny Jan, Dick and Jo Byyny
2012 Harbour Pilot Hannah Sue Burnett Jacqueline Mars
2011 Ying Yang Yo Boyd Martin Boyd Martin & Faye Woolf
2010 St. Barths Hannah Sue Burnett Mr. Richard Thompson
2009 Neville Bardos Boyd Martin Windurra P-L
2008 Coal Creek Amy Tryon Kathryn and Tim Sullivan
2007 The Foreman Phillip Dutton Ann Jones
2006 McKinlaigh Gina Miles Thomas Schultz & Laura Coats
2005 West Farthing Nathalie Bouckaert Pollard Nathalie Bouckaert Pollard
2004 The Foreman Phillip Dutton Ann Jones
2003 Grand Slam Karen (Lende) O’Connor Lourdes Peralta
2002 Custom Made David O’Connor Xandarius LLC
2001 The Native David O’Connor Jacqueline Mars
2000 Drizzle Phillip Dutton Mr. & Mrs. Vettorino
1999 Rattle N’ Hum David O’Connor David Lenaburg
1998 Brevity Mark Weissbecker Mr. & Mrs. Edward Linde
1997 Giltedge David O’Connor Jacqueline Mars
1996 Sky’s Prospect Phillip Dutton Nina Gardner
1995 Chatsby David Green Caroline Wells
1994 Best Seller Mark Weissbecker Birch Hill Farm
1993 Wilton Fair David O’Connor Wilton Fair Group
1992 Eagle Lion Bruce Davidson Someday Farm
1991 Our Busby Derek di Grazia Mr. & Mrs. di Grazia
1990 Landino Charles Plumb Mildred Lindroth
1989 Nos Ecus Karen Lende Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Thompson


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