Support Us

When folks ask us what Fair Hill International is all about, we have a simple answer: EDUCATION. We offer opportunities for horses and riders of all levels to continue their learning. Whether it is an Olympic hopeful galloping over our 3* course in October, a pony club member competing at one of our recognized horse trials in hopes of qualifying for Pony Club Championships, an adult amateur conquering the drop into the water on one of our schooling nights, or a green horse jumping a ditch for the first time, Fair Hill is a key to their progress. Our wonderful volunteers continue learning as they branch out into different disciplines – working the vet box at the Foxcatcher Endurance Ride or at one of the hazards at the Elk Creek Driving event. FHI is a place where it is fun and safe and rewarding to try new things.

In order to keep the FHI “school” up and running all season, maintained at the high level we have all come to enjoy, we need the help of our Fair Hill Family.  Here’s how you can help!