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Health & Safety of Volunteers







A priority in planning for and conducting events at Fair Hill International is the health and safety of volunteers.  Summarized below are steps FHI is taking — and efforts we ask you to make — to ensure a safe volunteer experience. 


We have adopted “COVID-19 Procedures for Horse Trials at Fair Hill.  These are guidelines for all attending the event including owners, riders, parents, trainers, coaches, grooms, vets, officials and volunteers.  Spectators and non-essential personnel are not allowed to attend.  All volunteers are to receive a copy.


We have a COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan which ensures that all procedures are consistent with USEF guidelines, that compliance with these procedures will be monitored, that health authorities have been advised and are available in case of someone’s exhibiting flu-like symptoms, that face masks and social distancing will be expected, that signs reminding people of the responsibility to comply will be posted, and that temperature checks will be required before admittance.  All volunteers are to receive a copy.


Other safety procedures being implemented:


ü Required paperwork for check-in will be done prior to the event.  This includes signing the USEF liability release.  That is available within EventingVolunteers.com when you sign up.  Or releases will be emailed pre event so that they simply are dropped off at event check-in.   Parents must sign on behalf of minors.  


ü  Every person entering the grounds will have their temperature scanned.  A daily wristband issued.


ü  There will be qualified medical personnel on site to respond to any reported health concerns.


ü  A face mask and hand sanitizer will be provided each volunteer.



ü  Personal contact will be minimalized wherever possible:


§  Volunteer and competitor entrances, parking, and check-in will be separate.


§  Volunteers will pick up individualized prepared packets at temperature check points located at the Stafford Pavilion (outside the Walls Building on the Fair Grounds).  Volunteers should not exit their car at the Pavilion.   Packets will contain: assignment, map/directions to assignment, schedule, radio, clipboard with scoresheets, pens, extra face mask, hand sanitizer, insulated lunch tote with water (one per volunteer per event).  If you have specialized equipment needs (gloves, measuring devices, flags, etc.), be sure to pick up those too.  All supplies will be sanitized prior.


§  Volunteers, staff, competitors’ support folks, and grounded competitors are all expected to wear face masks as per the USEF guidelines and maintain social distancing.


§  Assuming they are alone or with a member of their own household, jump judges are not required to wear their mask when sitting out at their jump.  However, the mask must be quickly donned if a rider, medic, official, or area steward, etc. is approached.


§  To the extent possible, communications will be electronic (phone, radio, etc.) rather than handling paper, briefings, or close face-to-face.  For example, the XC briefing will be via radio once judges are in position.  XC times will be called into scoring; jump judges will retain their scoresheets until the end of the day but will be communicating problems via radio to control.


§  Scorers, scribes, and judges will be properly distanced.   For example, the dressage scribe will sit in a different car, but parked next to their respective dressage judge to facilitate required communication, unless they come from the same household.


§  Stadium scoresheets will be photographed and sent to scoring.


§  At END OF DAY volunteers will drop off at the Stafford Pavilion, all their radios, scoresheets, and equipment, all placed INSIDE THE LABELLED PACKET.   Any other directions will come via radio at the conclusion of competition.


ü  The permanent bathrooms in front of the Walls Building will be closed.   There will be numerous porta-johns around the grounds.   Each will have hand sanitizing materials available outside of them.


ü  There will likely be no food service.  Lunches will NOT be provided to volunteers.  For safety, volunteers are being asked to bring their own lunch, snacks, and extra drinks.   However, volunteers will receive an insulated lunch tote (one per volunteer per event) which shows our newly designed logo!




We are making every effort to make volunteering at FHI an enjoyable, safe experience.  Thank you for volunteering and supporting Fair Hill International.


Volunteers still make it happen!








Questions related to Covid-19 procedures during the event should be directed to the personnel at the temperature check stations.

Questions related to volunteering and volunteer procedures can be directed to:          Volunteers@fairhillinternational.com   prior to the event.   During the event please call Kathie Troutman at 443 207 0981.